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Smart Buying Process

Buying a house is a lot like running a marathon! You probably wouldn’t dream of impulsively throwing on your sneakers and running a 26 mile race. Yet, many people do exactly that when buying a house. They get caught up in the moment, maybe stop by an open house, and find themselves making an offer only to be devastated when it all falls apart.

At Carolina Moves Real Estate, our goal is to be your Smart Buying Coach. Our Exclusive Smart Buying Agents do not list homes, but work only with buyers.

Our Smart Buying Process is a carefully thought out approach to buying a new home. Here are the steps we’ll take together to ensure that YOUR best interests and YOUR wants and needs are always out front along the way to the finish line.


Seven Steps to Smart Buying

Checkbox We Get You In Shape . . . Financially!

(Lenders, Letters and Loans)

This is the first step in the home buying marathon if you plan to finance your purchase.  It is a very important and time-intensive part of the buying experience and that is why our Smart Buying Process begins here.  In the world of lenders, one size definitely does not fit all.   We will connect you with the lenders in our area that have the best programs for your specific wants and needs. What kind of loan do you need? FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA? What kind of terms? 15 year? 30 year? How much should you put down? How much house can you afford to buy? What monthly payment do you want? Our Smart Buying Agents and Smart Buying Partners will help you sort through the loan options and terms to find what is the best course FOR YOU.


Checkbox We Listen!

(Assessing your Wants and Needs)

There are a lot of different reasons why someone runs a marathon.  Some people race to win, some to reach a specific goal. Others just want to make it to the finish line, go slower and enjoy the experience. Buying a home is the same! Some people are looking for a good resale for a short term home. Some want an investment, and some want a forever home. If we are truly going to coach you to the finish line, we need to know everything that matters to you, what your dream house looks like, where it’s located, what “home” looks like TO YOU!

Our first significant meeting, the Wants and Needs Assessment, is where YOU talk and we listen! This is where you set the groundwork and draw us a picture of what you see waiting at the end of the finish line for you. Sometimes, people are surprised to find they really don’t know what they want. Then we are there to help you zero in on defining what truly is important TO YOU.

This is also YOUR chance to ask a lot of questions about us so you can assure yourself that we are a good fit and have the knowledge and experience you are looking for.  We make sure you know about your Smart Buying Agency Choices too and all the ways you can be represented and why that’s important – TO YOU!


Checkbox We Give You the Tour

(Map Tour and Window Shopping Spree on the Big Screen TV)

To run a race effectively, you have to know where you are going and take a few practice runs around the track.  We start off with an MLS Map Tour to help you quickly identify the areas that make the most sense for you to search in.  Then we have some fun taking our House Window Shopping Spree on the Big Screen TV so you can see exactly how it’s done, how the searches work, what tools we use and see clearly what is going on in the market.


Checkbox We Give You the Tools

(Our Smart Phone app and your own Virtual Office)

We want to empower you to participate in “finding home” so we give you the tools to do it. We give you direct access to the Greenville MLS through our Smart Phone app. We create a second data flow of automated listings coming to you daily in your personal Virtual Office site with preset searches that immediately send any new listings that match your criteria directly to your Inbox.


Checkbox We Take the Road Trip

(The House Hunting Marathon is ON)

We’re ready to get out there and find your home!  We’ve reviewed all the options and now we’ll set up the appointments for you to see the homes that interest you the most. We take care of all the details, provide all the back up information we can find on each house:  the tax records, the Sellers Disclosure, comparable sales analysis, days on the market, for each of your top selections. We put all of our research and knowledge together to write and present your offer on the home you choose.  Our Smart Buying Agents are trained negotiators who work to get their Buyer Clients the best terms and the best deal on the home of their dreams.


Checkbox We Assemble Your Smart Buying Team

(Home Inspector, Radon Inspector, Termite Inspector, Lender, Closing Attorney, Insurance Agent, Appraiser, Surveyor)

A successful Marathon requires a lot of key support people to ensure everyone reaches the finish line and so does buying a home. We have already created strong, tested relationships with every kind of support person you could need:  landscapers, painters, appraisers, house cleaners, home stagers, lenders, home inspectors, real estate attorneys, contractors, electricians, plumbers. Our Smart Partners will expertly resolve any issues you encounter along the way and do so in a cost effective way.


Checkbox We Cross the Finish Line . . . Together

(Closing Procedures & Documents: Underwriting, Funding, Appraisals, Surveys, Utilities, Title Searches, Final Walk Through)

Like any race, anything can happen along the way.  That’s why there are monitor stations along the way, with people manning them who are trained to handle problems when they happen.  Our closing process of checklists and procedures coupled with a highly trained and efficient office staff helps us identify problems early and enables us to guide you through obstacles that can derail the less prepared.  We cross each bridge as we come to it until we sit at the closing table and cross that finish line . . . Together!


From start to finish we will be with you every step of the way to assist you with every detail of the transaction.