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1.)    How can you offer such a low commission rate and still maintain such high marketing and service standards?  It is simple, we have eliminated the traditional layers associated with Real Estate.  We do not have to pay national commission fees, local franchise fees, office fees, phone fees or split the listing commission with the Brokerage Firm.  We basically have flattened the pyramid and have passed on the savings to our clients.

2.)   Are you full service REALTORS?  Absolutely! We welcome you to compare our services to any of our competition.  We think you will be pleasantly surprised.  Even though we offer terrific pricing our true goal is to provide terrific service and we strive to have the best marketing platform in the upstate.  We believe in investing heavily in all of our listings.  We even secure the services of a staff writer, trained photographer, and certified Master Stager.

3.)   Can we cancel our listing agreement if we are not satisfied?  Yes of course.  We want all of our clients to be satisfied.  In addition, we know life can change quickly and sometimes selling make sense one day and it does not the next.

4.)   If we list our house at a discount, won’t other agents avoid showing it because they will be paid less?  This may be an issue with other business models but not with us.  We apply the discount to our side of the commission in order for you to offer a competitive incentive to the buyer’s agent.

5.)   Won’t a larger firm be able to give my home better market exposure and effect a quicker sale?  We strongly believe that not to be the case.  Please compare our marketing team and strategy to any of the other agents or firms in the area.  In addition, most Real Estate companies hire independent contractors and their main concern is for their buyers, they are not concerned with which company the seller is with.  The key to attracting a buyer is to have a house that shows well, is priced fairly, and is being advertised properly to both to buyers and their agents.

6.)   Will you be giving me a price when you come and see the house?  If an agent gives you a price on the first appointment, RUN, RUN, RUN!  Your agent should be conducting a full pricing analysis to give you a proper recommendation.  The first appointment is to present a marketing plan, get to know each other, and for the agent to take notes on the features of the home to properly price the house and of course to answer any questions you might have.  For most of us, our home is our largest financial asset, this deserves more than a few minutes of thought.  We will be back in touch shortly after the appointment (usually within 24 hours) to review pricing with you.

7.)   How quickly can you list our home?  We can list a home very quickly if needed.  However, we highly recommend that we take a few days to make sure we go through the proper steps needed to get you the most we can for your home.  Our average clients take about 2 weeks to get up and running.  But it can range from a couple days to a few weeks, depending on the client’s needs and the condition of the home.  We are here to serve you and can adjust our process to meet your needs.