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Vivian Haney

Vivian Haney

Vivian knows that a home is more than a roof over your head, and she also understands just how important those four walls surrounding you are. She has been in a buyer’s and seller’s position dozens of times, transacting for personal residences, investment properties, and vacation enjoyment. She has worked with real estate agents for decades, and knows from experience the best agents are: skilled listeners, relentless researchers, and innovative marketers who employ the best buying and selling techniques in the business. She is devoted to working tirelessly, providing her buyers and sellers with nothing less than what she has expected herself.

Born and raised on Florida’s gulf coast, but living in several states throughout her adult life and benefiting from the exploration of travel, Vivian has an appreciation of different architecture, diverse landscapes, and variations of style. Therefore, she possesses the ability to mesh a buyer’s and seller’s unique desires with the best the market offers.

She also understands the importance of planting deep roots where you are and loves the local community she, her husband, and their 5 kids call home. She supports its businesses, appreciates the beauty of its well-known neighborhoods, enjoys watching its new neighborhoods be established, and delights in the hunt of discovering its hidden treasures.

On a personal note

Vivian graduated with a BA in Psychology/Guidance and Counseling and has worked in education for the past several years. In her free time, she enjoys serving in her local church, baking specialty cakes and cupcakes, reading, doing yard work, and entertaining.

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