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Cody Nathan

Cody Nathan

Having been born and raised in Northern California, I was inspired by watching Silicon Valley develop into what it is today!   I love “home,” but also wanted to explore!  While away at college in Iowa, I became familiar with the ins and outs of construction and appreciated the value of clients loving the final result.  I quickly realized that I had a desire to help people hit their goals and I loved to facilitate their growth!  I continued to move in the Midwest, gathering as much skill as I could through business mentorships and even my first business ownership in Indiana.  When I brought that business to Greenville, SC, I fell in love!  It reminds me of the beauty back home, yet still holds so much potential for families.  That is when the final puzzle piece fell into place… real estate!  I want to help facilitate the growth of the Upstate one home at a time! I am passionate about connecting people to a house that they can turn into their home, and I have a knack for creating something from nothing. Ultimately, I am a relationship-first person and want to do whatever I can to serve the needs of our growing community!

I have a beautiful daughter, Riley, who is 2 years old. I spend all my free time taking her on adventures and exploring the outdoors. My hobbies include everything outdoors and personal development, whether that’s in the gym, through books, or Youtube videos.

One of my biggest goals in life is to inspire people and live everyday as if it’s a page written in my story. I’m creative, optimistic, fun, energetic, and love solving problems in unique ways!  

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